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«LC Waikiki»

The construction of the Administrative and Warehouse Complex is envisaged as a single block with dimensions of 232.2m x 84m.

The administrative and warehouse complex includes the volume of the warehouse block and the volume of the administrative block, separated by fire walls.

Warehouse block: one-story, up to the load-bearing structures of the coating 9m high, divided into two fire compartments. Each fire compartment is equipped with four emergency exits leading directly to the outside. The storage block provides for the creation of free space for storing industrial, non-food products on multi-level racks.

Administrative block: rectangular, with two public and one technical floor. The block is designed to accommodate administrative personnel serving the administrative and warehouse complex. The unit has two internal evacuation stairs. On the ground floor there are: a canteen, a medical office, security and complex management rooms, technical rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms and showers for staff. The second floor is intended for administration offices, areas for negotiations, training and recreation for the employees of the complex.