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The design project is developed by our team of designers and architects. At the end of the work, the customer will have a complete set of drawings for the implementation of the plan. The design project includes fitting drawings, plans for the placement of furniture, lighting, plumbing, ventilation equipment, installation drawings, plans and scans with the layout of finishing materials, accompanying documentation. The customer will be given several copies - for him and the builders.

The builders are faced with the task of performing a complete list of construction works according to the project, the issue of repair and finishing works can be handled by our construction division of the company, which has experience in the implementation of objects of various complexity.

All the way from concrete walls to a ready-made set of drawings and 3D visualizations our designer discusses with the Customer all the issues taking into account all his preferences, in order to achieve the desired goal - a comfortable, aesthetically attractive and most importantly – an individual interior.