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A positive expertize conclusion was received by the Working project "Expansion of the boiler house" Borusan Makina Kazakhstan, developed by us

- Customer: BORUSAN MAKINA Kazakhstan
- The address of the projected object: RK, Karaganda, Oktyabrsky microdistrict, 089 accounting quarter, building 503

Current work performed by us for "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" in Karaganda:

Development of Draft and Working projects for:
1. Extensions of the existing block D in the building of the heavy machinery workshop;
2. Expansion of the boiler room and installation of LPG storage tanks and a gas distribution point with evaporators. Installation of the gas pipeline to the boiler room;
3. Repair shop of heavy machinery and measurement and research work of building structures of buildings and structures
4. Extensions of the Assembly shop building, as well as the calculation of loads for obtaining technical specifications;
5. Construction of an Administrative and household complex (ABC);
6. Components packing Center.